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Not Missing My Baby

Not Missing My Baby
Also, I can give my son his presents early since he knows that mystical creatures do not enter our home on certain nights. This is great because I would almost burst when I had to keep stuff hidden in my closet until just the right night. I'm a better ...
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Apewoman who could outrun a horse was 'not human', according to DNA tests
Professor Bryan Sykes of the University of Oxford claims a towering woman named Zana who lived in 19th Century Russia - and appeared to be 'half human, half ape' - could have been the fabled yeti. Witnesses described the six-foot, six-inches tall woman ...
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Diplo: Bitch, We Are All Madonna
Madonna is moving swiftly through her "Rebel Heart" tracklist, releasing "Living for Love" and "Ghosttown" videos and performing "Joan of Arc," "Devil Pray" and, most recently, "Bitch I'm Madonna." She debuted the latter on "The Tonight Show Starring ...
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