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Gossamer Worlds: GlimmerGloam (Diceless)

Gossamer Worlds: GlimmerGloam (Diceless)
The easiest way to describe it, would be to call it a realm of dark, dualistic whimsy – somewhere between the narratives of the realm of the fey and classic tales of Alice, albeit more akin to American McGee's interpretation. It is a world, ... Matt ...
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Beef, Buffalo and Brahmanism: The Politics of Food
The above essay reflects how Mrs Gandhi (Indira Gandhi) and her younger son, crown prince Sanjay Gandhi, were perceived through the cow-calf symbol of the Congress Party in the 1970s, following the imposition of Emergency. The imageries are important ...
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Ford Mustang groomed for Europe
With the legendary muscle machine making its way to Europe for the first time in its 50 year history, it's time to live the American dream. ... Gone is the solid rear axle and this being a car for the world the suspension is more in tune with modern ...
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